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Please note some prices may be out of date, more upto date list on our webshop.

1.Resins Gravel bond resin
2. Gelcoat & Flowcoat
3. Accelerator
5. Catalyst
6. Dispenser
7. Hardeners
8. Tack free solution
9. Release agents
10. Varnish & Sealer
11. Acetone, Thinners
12. Brushes, Rollers

12a. Diamond cutting tools & shears/scissors

13. Paper rope
14. Glass mat, Tissue, Tape, Cloth, Strands.& Roving
Carbon-fibre, Kevlar
15. Pigments
16. Mould-making, Vinamold, Latex, Silicone.
17. FILLER POWDERS, Glass bubbles
17a. Anti-slip corundum grains
18. Mixers & Spreaders
19. Mixing cups, buckets.
20. Poly-bottles
21. Protective gloves.
23. Tak rag, Stockinette.
24. Abrasives, wet or dry,
25. Dust masks

26. Roofing trims, pre-formed
27 Casting moulds


Please note, prices are subject to change and this list is rarely updated therefore most up to date prices are on our webshop


Description Product & Price

MSDS data

Polyester resin (general purpose lay-up)
1 kilo pack + catalyst               @11.40
5 kilo pack + catalyst               @38.40
25 kilo drum + catalyst             @129.60
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Roofing resin Low cost

MSDS data
Roofing resin Low cost
Ideal for many hand lay-up applications Gel/cure times may vary
20 kg drum (minimum) + catalyst     @102.00
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Re-blended low cost lay-up resin. Re-blended general purpose resin (Low cost) (25kg only)
A general purpose re-blended lay-up resin, pre-accelerated.
Ideal for general purpose projects where accurate reproduction and strength distribution are not important, gellation and cure times can vary from batch to batch, trial and testing is recommended for suitability.
Supplied including catalyst.

25kg pail + catalyst                   @117.60


MSDS data

Gelcoat Resin (clear) or (white) Thixotropic, used for initial coat
onto the mould cures with tacky surface to assist adhesion of the
 glassfibre laminations.

1 kilo pack + catalyst                @11.40
5 kilo pack + catalyst                @42.00
20 kilo pack + catalyst              @132.00
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MSDS data

Flowcoat Resin(clear) or (white) Thixotropic used as final surface
coat dries tack free.

1 kilo pack + catalyst                @11.40
5 kilo pack + catalyst                @42.00
20 kilo pack + catalyst              @132.00
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economical (grey roofing topcoat)

Tech data

Topcoat. Specifically formulated  roofing topcoat, pigmented grey
and non thixotropic providing an economical alternative to
Grade "A" Flowcoat/Gelcoat.
Available in 20 kg pails only.
20 kilo pail + catalyst            @105.60
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MSDS data

Flexible resin additive (non accelerated)  to increase flexibility and reduce brittleness (use up to 10%).
500g pack                          @
1 kilo pack                         @
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CHEMICAL-HEAT Resistant Chemical and heat resistant lay-up resin.
5 kilo pack + catalyst           @50.97
25 kilo pack + catalyst         @138.86
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MSDS data

Fire retardant resin class 1
20 kilo pack + catalyst (no splits)     90.00
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MSDS data

See casting moulds

Figurine casting resin (fillable) Can be filled with powders to
increase weight and strength of finished castings. see filler powders/extenders

1 kilo pack + catalyst               @10.80
5 kilo pack + catalyst               @39.60
25 kilo pack + catalyst             @138.00
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See casting moulds

Casting notes

MSDS data

Glass clear casting resin. Polyester casting resin
Cures with water clear appearance ideal for paperweights etc.
Not suitable with rubber moulds

1 kilo pack + catalyst                @14.40
5 kilo pack + catalyst                @54.00
20 kilo pack + catalyst              @168.00
4 x 20 kilo pack + catalyst        @
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UV stabilising additive, added at 2% by volume, to slow the process of yellowing due to sunlight, available in 400g only enough to stabilise 20kg of resin.
400g pack                                 @19.20
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see mix measure pots

MSDS data

User notes

General purpose laminating epoxy resin Suitable for use with fibreglass, kevlar, carbon fibre etc, Also to produce lightweight fairing putties and mineral based gap filler & adhesives.
750g Resin/hardener kit           @15.34
1.5 kg Resin/hardener kit         @29.04
3 kg Resin/hardener kit            @42.08
7.5 kg Resin/hardener kit         @93.06
37.5 kg Resin/hardener kit       @350.96
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See casting moulds
see mix measure pots

User notes

MSDS data

Clear rigid epoxy resin & catalyst kits
A slow cure system designed to cure with low temperature build-up resulting in very low shrinkage hard and tough clear material simulating glass.
750ml Resin/hardener kit          @21.00
1.5 Litre Resin/hardener kit       @36.00
3 Litre Resin/hardener kit          @57.60
7.5 Litre Resin/hardener kit       @126.00
37.5 Litre Resin/hardener kit     @492.00
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See casting moulds

see mix measure pots

User notes

MSDS data

Clear epoxy resin slow cure system designed for the simulation of water, used extensively in the floral industry.
1 Litre
Resin/hardener kit         @23.40
2 Litre
Resin/hardener kit         @39.60
5 Litre
Resin/hardener kit         @90.00
10 Litre
Resin/hardener kit       @162.00
20 Litre Resin/hardener kit       @312.00
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see technical details

see mix measure pots

MSDS data

Clear epoxy lay-up resin, UV stable and formulated to produce clear laminates and coatings. Ideal for use with carbon fibre /Kevlar cloths where the cloth can be clearly seen through the resin, can also be used as clear layer over mosaics outside or in and to bond decorative pebbles and stones etc.
Resin/hardener kit            @33.00
1.4 kg 
Resin/hardener kit             @54.00
2.8 kg  
Resin/hardener kit            @99.60
7 kg    
Resin/hardener kit             @246.00
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CLEAR PU50 Casting resin

Tech data
Clear PU50 polyurethane casting resin, probably the clearest waterlike resin we stock, ideal for fast prototyping, embedding or most clear casting, recommended min 10mm max 50mm thickness.
Note: NOT suitable for use with condensation silicone rubber RTV22, however can be used with addition cured silicone rubber moulds and most polypropylene and polyethylene type moulds.
1.8kg Resin/hardener kit        
Currently NOT Available                              
CLEAR PU15 Casting resin

Tech data

Clear PU15 polyurethane casting resin, probably the clearest waterlike resin we stock, ideal for fast prototyping, embedding or most clear casting, recommended min 2mm max 15mm thickness.
Note: NOT suitable for use with condensation silicone rubber RTV22, however can be used with addition cured silicone rubber moulds and most polypropylene and polyethylene type moulds.
1.8kg Resin/hardener kit     
Currently NOT Available

Tech data

Doming resin 2kg kit, Semi-Flexible two part polyurethane system for badge doming or encapsulation in thin sections.
A two part equal ratio system with low viscosity, easy to mix, self degassing, excellent doming properties, optically clear, fully UV stable, suitable for outdoor applications.
2kg resin/hardener kit    
Currently NOT Available
see mix measure pots

Gravel project example

G-fix notes

MSDS Resin  or Hardener

G-FIX Eco friendly solvent free. gravel bonding resin.
Aggregates are slightly porous and vary between different mineral types. The surface area also determines the resin quantity required to wet out with smaller aggregate needing more. A bell type mixer is normally used to tumble and coat but where very small material is concerned it helps to add some big stones to keep the mixing active. This resin can tolerate damp conditions but avoid rain entering whilst still mixing. approx 1 x 3kg kit will wet out 2 to 3 x 25kg bags of gravel.
Supplied in 3kg kits.
1-4 kits                                                         
5-9 kits                                                          
10+ kits                                                       
75kg Trade kit (supplied in 25ltr containers)   
Mixing/application guide supplied.
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G-FIX PRIMER, Applied to damp substrate (concrete etc) prior to application of resin bonded gravel to ensure a complete bond to the concrete base. Coverage is approx 1 litre per 5 sq metres area.
1 ltr                         @16.80
5 ltr                         @48.00
25 ltr                       @192.00
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These notes are given in good faith and are for general guidance only. They result from our in house experience and testing but should not be construed as a warranty either express or implied as actual operating conditions are outside our control.



A gravel bonding system using a filled resin, laid onto suitably primed surface then gravel is sprinkled onto surface allowed to cure then excess gravel is removed.
This system is very popular on car parks, pathways, driveways, cycle paths etc.
Easy to apply, non slip, long life, very attractive appearance.
Can be applied to concrete, tarmac, wood, etc.
10kg kit is enough to cover 5m area.
For concrete surfaces polyurethane sealer/primer is recommended.
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18kg kit (resin + hardener) @ 114.00 each
3+ kits                               @ 102.00 each
G-FIX-Gold A Gravel bonding resin similar to the G-Fix epoxy, however is more suited to lower temperatures down to approx 5C, producing a very tough strong matrix for driveways, paths, patios, balcony's etc
5.25kg kit will bond approx 75kgs of gravel covering approx 3m at 15mm deep or 2.5m at 18mm depth.
1-4 kits               54.00 each
5-9 kits               42.00 each
10+ kits             
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Fastcast Polyurethane casting resin

Tech data notes

MSDS data

Use example

Fastcast polyurethane resin is ideal for use in prototype and modelling applications, having very low viscosity to get in those nooks & crannies also the ability to accept fillers to reduce cost, increase strength and hardness and reduce exotherm & shrinkage.
Mixed simply 1 to 1 by weight.
With a working time of approx 2.5-3.5 minutes, de-mould approx 30 minutes, full cure approx 4 hours and a shore D of approx 80 on full cure.
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1 x 2kg kit(1kg A+B) 28.80
5 x 2kg kits (10kg) 117.60
1 x 20kg kit  180.00

Use with Microdol or Magsil diamond filler powders.

PIGMENT (opaque)

MSDS data

Pigment colour paste (opaque). Suitable for all Polyester resins. Use up to 10% by weight.
Black or White          500g @10.80           5kgs @75.89
Post office red
British racing green
Grass green
Oxford blue
Royal blue
Trident (pale) blue
Golden yellow
Light aircraft grey
Dark admiralty grey
Congo brown
All above colours  500g @10.80           5kgs @89.27
100g pots                      @3.60
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 PIGMENT (transparent / pearlescent)

MSDS data

Pigment colour paste (transparent/pearlescent) for clear casting & embedding, add to suit normally a maximum of 2%.
Natural pearl
Apple green
Light blue
Deep blue
all above colours  500g @16.80    20g pots @2.40
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EPOXY PIGMENTS Suitable for addition to all epoxy resins.
Black, White, Grey
All colours     500g @12.00   100g pots @3.84
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MSDS data

Cobalt accelerator. Chemical present (when pre-accelerated) in resin that reacts with MEKP catalyst to begin the hardening process.
250ml                          @7.11/250ml
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STYRENE Styrene monomer Used as a thinner for polyester based resins (maximum 10%)
1 litre                           @9.00
5 litres                         @30.00
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MSDS data

Tack free solution (contains wax) additive ensuring final coat resin hardens tack free rapidly.
500ml                        @7.20
1 litre                         @12.00
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MSDS data

Butanox M-50 catalyst. or equivalent (methyl ethyl  ketone peroxide MEKP liquid).
100ml                         @3.00
500ml                         @6.00
5 litres                        @48.00
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MSDS data

BPO Paste tubes for amine accelerated systems.
50g tube RED            @1.54
50g tube CLEAR       @1.90
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DISPENSER BOTTLE Dispenser  Polypropylene Dispensers for MEKP catalyst. Two sizes for safe and accurate dosing up to 15ml and 80ml respectively.
500ml Dispenser bottle          @10.80
1 litre Dispenser bottle           @15.60
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MSDS data

Glassfibre mat (chopped strand mat CSM)
300g m (AKA 1oz sq/ft)
1 m pack                                          @3.60
5 m pack                                          @9.60
25 m pack                                        @44.10
Full roll (approx 28kg)                    @3.30/kg

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450g m (AKA 1oz/sq/ft)
1 m pack                                          @5.40
5 m pack                                          @14.40
25 m pack                                        @66.00
Full roll (approx 28kg)                      @3.30/kg

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600g m (AKA 2oz sq/ft)
1 m pack                                          @7.20
5 m pack                                          @19.20
25 m pack                                        @87.00
Full roll (approx 28kg)                      @3.30/kg
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CSM 75mm wide strip

MSDS data

Used for joints seams etc when flat roofing.
Roll approx 64 mts x 75mm              @27.60
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MSDS data

Glass tissue used as the fist layer of laminate followed by CSM, also as a final layer to conceal the fibreglass pattern and give a smooth matt surface.
 1 m pack                                    @3.30
 5 m pack                                  @10.20
Full roll 250 m                             @288.00
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MSDS data

Glass tape (woven)
1"    wide                        50metre roll @9.00
1" wide                        50metre roll @10.56
2"    wide                        50metre roll @12.00
3"    wide                        50metre roll @16.20
4"    wide                        50metre roll @19.80
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GLASS CLOTH 170g / 290g

MSDS data

Glass cloth
woven fabric cloth used to produce lightweight laminates and sheathing.
1m pack         170g/m                  @6.00
10m pack        170g/m                 @54.00

1m pack           290g/m                 @6.60
10m pack         290g/m                 @60.00

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CORE MAT Core mat 2mm thick by 1 Metre wide, used to enhance the thickness and stiffness of laminates, approximate resin requirement per metre is 1.2kg.
1 m pack                              @ 5.99
10 m pack                            @ 53.66
Full roll 50 m                        @245.88
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CHOPPED ENDS Chopped glass strands 6mm
1 kilo                               @4.68/kilo
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PAPER ROPE Paper rope 12mm (wire core)
Sold by metres         @0.82/metre
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CARBON-FIBRE/KEVLAR Carbon-fibre cloth 2 x 2 twill weave offers much improved drapability, available from the roll 1m wide 200g/m                 
1 m pack                                      @36.00
5m pack                                       @162.00
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Kevlar cloth satin weave 175g/m 
1 m pack                                      @21.60
5 m pack                                      @97.20
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Carbon-fibre/Kevlar hybrid cloth 188g/m
1 m pack                                     @24.00
5 m pack                                     @108.00
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CARBON-FIBRE/KEVLAR TAPE Kevlar tape 170g/m Bi-directional
5 mtr x 50mm wide                                    @18.00
Full roll 50mtr                                            @96.00
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Carbon-fibre tape 200g/m Bi-directional
5 mtr x 50mm wide                                     @18.00
Full roll 50 mtr                                            @102.00
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Carbon-fibre tape 200g/m Uni-directional
5 mtr x 50mm wide                                      @18.00
Full roll 50 mtr                                             @102.00
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BRIDGER Glassfibre compound

MSDS data

Fibreglass in a tin
2 pack polyester resin/fibreglass paste, uses include bonding, filling, bridging gaps, outer mould support, repair and assembly aid, can be machined, drilled and tapped. Fast-Medium-Slow setting versatility.
No4 Pack (2 litres product)             @20.02
No7 Pack (3.5 litres product)          @33.60
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MSDS data

Smooth filler paste.
Easy to mix and apply, quick setting formula for cosmetic repairs etc, above waterline. Can be varnished painted, Fast-Medium-Slow setting versatility. Polyester based.
No4 Pack (2 litres product)             @14.58
No7 Pack (3.5 litres product)          @22.66
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EASYSAND Lightweight filler

MSDS data

Polyester Based.
Contains microspheres for 30% less density, easier sanding, accepts all paints, resins and varnishes. Fast-Medium-Slow setting versatility.
No4 Pack (2 litres product)           @15.09
No7 Pack (3.5 litres product)        @23.15
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MSDS data

Mould release agent
Liquid PVA brush or spray application air dry in approx 10 minutes.
250ml                                            @4.68

1 litre                                             @8.40
5 litres                                            @30.00
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WAX-1 Mould release spray WAX-1 Mould release aerosol 500ml
Providing the very quick release system.
Provides easy, reliable release of a variety of casting resins including epoxy, polyester, polyurethane and silicones from a wide range of mould surfaces.
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500ml Aerosol                              @8.82

MSDS data

Honey Wax Top grade professional release wax applied to mould surface to ensure quick release.
397g                       @16.33
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POLYURETHANE SEALER concrete sealer. Polyurethane varnish sealer used to damp proof seal floors and porous surfaces, concrete, brick etc, as in pond construction, also creates very good bond for resins to substrates.
1 litre                        @16.80
5 litres                      @48.00
25 litres                    @192.00
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A high performance, single pack moisture curing urethane coating.
It can be used on concrete, stone, brickwork, block paving, wood and other traditional building materials. It's a high gloss and dries to give a finish which offers resistance against some aggressive chemicals, superb adhesion-abrasive resistance and flexibility combined with non-yellowing properties.
Tech data
Coma Berenice


Clear marine varnish Ultra high gloss, high build, single pack, brush or spray, excellent UV resistance.


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GRIPFILL Gripfill 350ml
Gripfill 350ml, a solvent free high strength adhesive which will bond a wide variety of materials, DO NOT use with polystyrene.

350ml tube               @3.50

GRIPFILL SF Gripfill SF (solvent free) 350ml
Gripfill 350ml, a solvent free high strength adhesive which will bond a wide variety of materials, safe with polystyrene.

350ml tube               @3.00


MSDS data

Acetone The No 1 solvent for cleaning resin impregnated brushes and tools.
1 litre                        @6.00
5 litres                      @16.80
25 litres                    @62.40
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MSDS data

Cellulose thinners  an alternative cleaner for brush and tool cleaning.
1 litre                        @7.20
5 litres                      @13.20
25 litres                    @32.40
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BRUSHES Laminating brushes (pure bristle).
"                            @0.38
1"                             @0.50
1"                          @0.54
2"                             @0.60
2"                          @0.82
3"                             @1.16
4"                             @1.80
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ROLLERS Rollers aluminium paddle roller used to eliminate air pockets and economically consolidate resin laminates.
2" x "                     @4.20
3" x "                     @5.04
3" x 1"                   @4.80
6" x "                     @6.00
6" x 1"                   @7.08
9" x 1"                   @7.20

Corner roller 1"     @6.00
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Simulated lambswool rollers Ideal for wetting out large areas (roofs, walls, floors, ponds & tanks etc) use with lay-up resin and flowcoats.
10" Roller with handle     @5.10
6" Roller with handle     @4.02
4" Roller with handle     @2.82
9" refill                          @2.97
6" Refill               
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(contact us)

Telescopic extension poles, ideal for reducing back bending during large area laminating, roofs etc.
Telescopic pole                @5.40 each


SHEARS / SCISSORS For Glass-Carbon-Kevlar. Top quality micro-serrated tool edge for clean cutting, Teflon coated for wet laminate trimming.
125mm cut                                              @31.53
68mm cut powerful high leverage             @24.06
56mm cut very powerful high leverage     @25.29
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For heavy repeated use a dedicated pair for each material is recommended to give maximum cutting life.
FILLET radius tool set FILLET TOOL SET. Chrome plated radius tools, create neat radius in corners of moulds when using fillet wax.

3 tool set (6 different radius)                     @18.00
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High industrial grade, for cutting Grp, carbon fibre, ceramics, cement, marble, granite, rubber, hard plastic, tungsten carbide etc.
Integral spindle side spoke disk
Integral spindle side spoke disc
Router 6mm parallel flat end
Router 6mm parallel dome end
Router 6mm tapered end
Continuous rim disc 100mm
Continuous rim disc 115mm                  @42.10
Sidespoke disc 100mm
Sidespoke disk 115mm
disc 100mm                            @42.10
disc 115mm                            @47.64
Jigsaw blade bosch type 85mm
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PROTECTIVE GLOVES Latex disposable gloves (large only).

Pack (100)                  @9.00/pack
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(contact us)
DUST MASKS Dust masks (for use against nuisance dust)
Singles                          @2.40/each
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Mix measure pots with easy read scales ideal for resin mixes, Top quality polypropylene transparent with graduated print scale and lid, designed for repeat industrial use.
350ml (brimming)                                      @0.
700ml (brimming)                                      @0.
1400ml (brimming)                                    @
2300ml (brimming)                                   @1.
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MIXING (cups, buckets) Mixing cups  polypropylene ideal for mixing small amounts of resin.
150ml per 10                       @1.90
150ml per 100                     @12.00
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Mixing buckets (plastic) used for mixing resins, re-usable just crack out cured dregs of resin.
500ml                                  @0.60/each

1 litre                                   @0.78/each
2 litre                                @1.14/each
5 litre                                   @1.44/each
10 Litre                                @2.22/each
25 Litre                                @6.60/each
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(contact us)
MIXING STICKS Mixing sticks (lolly)
pack (100)                          @1.85
pack (1000)                        @10.17
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(contact us)

Measuring cups graduated

Measuring syringes

Pipette (dropper)

Poly bottle (dropper)

Measuring cup, polypropylene
30ml graduated   (pack of 5)                        @1.62
50ml graduated   (pack of 5)                        @2.10
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Plastic syringes, measure catalyst etc.
5ml capacity plastic syringe                              0.50
10ml capacity plastic syringe                            0.71
20ml capacity plastic syringe                            0.93
50ml capacity plastic syringe                            1.32
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PIPETTE (nose drop type) 0.5ml for small doses (pack of 5)    @1.80
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Poly bottle 50ml + spout & cap, dropper bottle (pack of 5)      @2.22
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(contact us)

SPREADERS Plastic spreaders
Small (85mm x 41mm) pack of 10        @1.94
Large (105mm x 70mm) pack of 10      @2.86
POLY BOTTLES Poly-bottles (low density polyethylene with screw cap)
100ml  pack of 5                                @2.40
250ml  pack of 5                                @3.00
500ml  pack of 5                                @4.20
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TAK RAG Tak rag (impregnated sticky cloth)
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(contact us)
ABRASIVES Wet or dry (abrasive sheets 280 x 230mm)
Grits:- 120-180-240-320
pack (25)                            @8.86
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Reduction paper (abrasive sheets)
Grits:- 40-60-80
pack (25)                           
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(contact us)
STOCKINETTE Stockinette (100% cotton multi coloured polishing cloth)
Can be used to reinforce plaster and latex moulds.
2kg roll                                @9.76
2kg cut (12x24" approx)      @9.76
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(contact us)

Use example

Tech data





RTV134 Silicone rubber.
High grade RTV (room temperature vulcanising) two part rubber suitable for polyester, wax & plaster type castings. Variable addition 2-5% hardener.
1 Kilo Rubber A+ 50ml hardener  B              @30.00
5 Kilo Rubber A+ 250ml hardener B             @90.00
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It's  recommended (but not essential) for high grade results to use de-gassing (vacuum) equipment with this product.

Butter-On additive, thixotropic agent added at up to 1-3% to rubber gives a slight non flowing character that makes it suitable for application by brush to a thickness of 1 to 10mm giving excellent detail quality reproduction, it is recommended to add 5% hardener and apply a thin coat followed by a second coat when tacky.
20ml thixotropic additive                         @2.73
100ml thixotropic additive                       @10.94
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SILICONE Impression Putty

Tech data sheet

SILICONE Impression Putty 1 kilo

SILPUTF Silicone putty 1 kilo (Fast)      @out of stock
SILPUTM Silicone putty 1kilo (medium) @out of stock

VINAMOLD Vinamold (hot melt rubber) 3 grades available 1 kilo minimum.
Natural colour (softest)
White (medium)
Yellow (durable)
All grades                         @8.40/kilo
25kg slab                          @144.00
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LIQUID LATEX Liquid latex used to make highly flexible moulds where deep undercuts have to be negotiated, a thickener can be added but this does reduce flexibility, applied by either dipping the plug or brush applied.
1 litre                                   @8.40
5 litres                                 @26.40
25 litres                               @108.00

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Latex Thickener (use to suit up to 2%)
50ml                                    @1.80
500ml                                  @4.80
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ALGINATE Fast set impression material 500g sachets
including handy measuring scoops. Ideal for small body-casting projects.
1 sachet                               @7.20each
6 sachet pack                      @6.00each
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CASTING PLASTER. Very fine quick setting casting plaster, 1.2-1.4 kilos per 1 litre of water, approx de-mould time 35 minutes.
Up to 24 kilos                           @1.44/kilo
25 kilo bag                                @19.38
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PLASTER BANDAGES Quick setting plaster bandages. pack of  4 or 2
Ideal for quickly making mould support jackets.

pack (2 rolls 3mtr x 10cm)        @5.25
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NEWPLAST (Plasticene) Newplast Plasticene type product used
extensively in mould making to block holes
and seal cracks between multiple mould sections.

500g pack                               @1.91
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CASTING MOULDS Casting moulds. used with our casting resins

Rectangle 180x90x40 800ml (polypropylene)     @12.00
Rectangle 85x55x25mm 150ml (polypropylene)  @6.29
Circle 60mm x 25mm Polypropylene mould        @6.29
Dome 75 x 30 Polypropylene mould                   @6.29
Square 75 x 75 x 25 Polypropylene mould          @6.29
Jewellery 11 shape polypropylene mould             @6.29
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FILLER POWDERS Microdol H600 hard white dolomite powder can be added to our figurine and casting resins up to approx 1 times by weight, producing a hard heavy white material ideal for figurines and statues etc.
1 kilo                                  @1.14/kilo
25 kilo bag                         @16.74
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Magsil diamond 200 soft white talc can be added to our figurine resin up to 1 to 1 by weight producing a white material slightly lighter and softer than that produced with microdol.
1  kilo                                 @3.00/kilo
25 kilo bag                          @42.00
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Fumed Silica (colloidal) Ultra light powder used as an additive to resin or resin/mineral mixes to increase non drip capability when applied to vertical surfaces
500g Pack (approx 5 litres)        @10.77
MSDS data
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Corundum Grit. 40/60 grit Aluminium oxide sprinkled on flowcoat resin at a rate of 1 kilo per sq metre to produce a non slip very hard wearing surface.
Up to 24 kilos                              @3.11/kilo
25 kilo bag                                   @65.19
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Glass Bubbles microscopic hollow spheres which when blended with resin and fumed silica produces a lightweight filler ideal for fairing boats and other weight critical applications as in model engineering
100g pack (approx 1 litre)                   @9.24
MSDS data
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Metal powders (for metallic effects). add powder at up to 3 or 4 times by weight to resin. it is most economical to have only the outer surface of the cast object coated but be sure it is deep enough to allow burnishing and polish.
                           500g           1kilo                5kilo
Iron                   3.69           5.90              26.51
Aluminium         8.04           12.88             61.18
Bronze              12.90         20.64             98.04
Copper             14.69         23.50             111.60
Brass                13.68         21.89              101.93
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R.E.P.F. Buoyancy foam

MSDS data part A

MSDS data part B

Rigid expanding polyurethane foam.
LOW density, buoyancy of x 20 to water.
two part liquid A&B in equal volume, (minimum combined amount supplied = 1 Litre.
Approximate expansion of this product is 1 Litre expands to 20 cubic Litres.
1 Litre kit                               @14.37
5 Litre kit                               @43.36
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HIGH density , buoyancy of x 5 to water.
Two part A&B in equal volume, (minimum combined amount supplied = 1 Litre.
Approximate expansion of this product is 1 Litre expands to 5 cubic litres
1 Litre kit                                @14.37
5  Litre kit                               @54.14
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ROOFING TRIMS pre-formed

Roof boards

Pre-formed roofing trims used when weatherproofing flat roofs etc.(3 metre lengths).
Click here to view detailed list of available trims.
Section A200  right angle drip bead 3 metre               16.80
Section B260  right angle parapet 3 metre                  16.80
Section C100  simulated flashing 3 metre                    16.80
Section D260  angled 135 wall to roof fillet.              16.80
C1 corner use with A200, B260                                10.20
C2 corner use with (handed) A200, B260, D260       10.20
C3 internal/external corner use with D260                  10.20
C4 internal corner use with A200, B260                    10.20
F300 flat section 300mm wide x 20metre roll             98.40
F300 flat section 300mm wide per metre                    10.20
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Prices on all other sections on request.
OSB Roofing Boards, 18mm 8' x 2' (2440 x 590mm) T&G
PLEASE NOTE: These items are collection ONLY.
8' x 2' (2440 x 590mm) 18mm 19.20each
Regular stock items incorrectly ordered may be accepted for credit when returned in their original condition but subject to a 17.5% handling charge.
All prices are inclusive of VAT.
Carriage charges apply based on 3 working day service mainland England, Wales, Southern Scotland addresses.
Minimum 9.60 up to 20 kilograms
Offshore Islands, Ireland and Scottish Highland rates on request.
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