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fibreglass resinPOLYURETHANE VARNISH G4 Concrete sealer. (from 500ml)

A one-pack polyurethane varnish hardened by moisture in the atmosphere or from the material being sealed, used as a sealant for timber or a barrier coat for concrete, preventing resin being attacked by moisture or alkali's.

Avoid breathing polyurethane fumes and NEVER spray it. (Brush only)
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Clear Urethane sealer 5ltr
A high performance, single pack moisture curing urethane coating. It can be used on concrete, stone, brickwork, block paving, wood and other traditional building materials. It's a high gloss and dries to give a finish which offers resistance against some aggressive chemicals, superb adhesion-abrasive resistance and flexibility combined with non-yellowing properties.
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Gripfill 350ml, High performance, general purpose gap filling adhesive. Ideal for bonding roof trims.

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GRIPFILL SF(solvent free)
Gripfill 350ml, a solvent free high strength adhesive which will bond a wide variety of materials, safe with polystyrene. Ideal for bonding roof trims.

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