ABL (STEVENS) Resin & Glass

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abl stevens resin and glassRollers.
Paddle rollers essential for the wetting out and consolidation process, using paddle or split washer rollers can effectively reduce resin usage by up to 75% and ease the eradication of air pockets, sizes 2" x " - 3" x " - 6" x " - 
3" x 1 - 6" x 1"  corner rollers (1" disk) and split washer available on request. Price (click)
Scissors & shears. Top industrial quality micro-serrated tool edge for clean cutting,
Teflon coated for wet laminate trimming.. For heavy repeated use a dedicated pair for each material is recommended to give maximum cutting life.
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Diamond coated tools. High industrial quality cutting tools for cutting GRP, Carbon -fibre, ceramics, cement, concrete, marble, granite, rubber, hard plastics, tungsten carbide etc.

Integral spindle
25 or 50mm Diameter
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Router 6mm flat end.
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Router 6mm Dome end.
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Router 6mm taper end.
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Continuous rim disk 100mm diameter.
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Sidespoke disk 100 or 115mm diameter.
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Jigsaw blade Bosch type 85mm long.
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