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garden pond materialsBrushes.
Quality laminating pure bristle brushes:  "- 1"- 1- 2"- 2- 3"- 4".
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polymer suppliersLatex Gloves
Protective latex gloves ideal for use in lay-up applications available boxed 100s or per pair.
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polymer suppliersStockinette (mutton cloth)
100% cotton stockinette perfect for cleaning and polishing, sizes: 100g - 400g - 800g - 2kg cut or rolls.
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polyester resinWet or Dry
Waterproof abrasive paper,  grit sizes available: 120 - 180 - 240 - 320 -  400 - 600 - 800 - 1000 - 1200
packed in sleeves(25) individual sheets on request. 230mm x 280mm
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Reduction paper
Grit sizes available: 40 - 60 -80
packed in sleeves (25) individual sheets on request.
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Emery Cloth.
Grit sizes: 40 - 60 - 80

polyester resin

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fibreglass laminatingPlastic Spreaders
Used for the application of bodyfillers and putty like materials.
Large 105 x 70mm (10)
Small 84 x 41mm (10)
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fibreglass repairDispensers
For the safe and accurate measuring and dispensing of liquid hardener etc: up to 15ml per dose.
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fibreglass laminatingMasking Tape
Available by the roll (50 metre) three widths:-18mm - 24mm - 48mm
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fibreglass laminatingDouble sided tape (foam)
Available by the roll (5 metre) four widths:-12mm - 19mm - 25mm - 50mm.
extensively used in the auto industry (fixing badges & trim etc.
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garden pond materialsTak rag
available individually wrapped.
Impregnated sticky cloth used for removing dust particles from surfaces prior to painting etc.
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fibreglass repairDust Mask
Comfortable non toxic dust mask, recommended for use when trimming or cutting cured fibreglass.
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