ABL (STEVENS) Resin & Glass

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RESINS/GELCOAT General purpose polyester lay-up Resin, Re-Blend lay-up resin, Gelcoat clear or white, Clear Casting Resins, Figurine casting resin, Flexible Resin, Styrene, Accelerator, Tack free solution, Hardeners, Catalyst. Clear epoxy casting resin, Aquallusion flower display setting resin, G-Fix gravel bonding resin, Fastcast polyurethane casting resin.
Casting STARTER KIT Containing all the materials you need to get started and make your first mould and finished pieces (chess pieces, small figurines, paperweights, etc.


Chopped strand mat-tape-tissue-cloth-roving-paper rope.- Carbon-fibre & Kevlar.
PIGMENTS Opaque-Transparent-assorted colours
ANCILLARIES Brushes-Mutton cloth (Stockinette)
Abrasives (Wet or Dry Reduction Paper Emery Cloth) Gloves-Dispensers, Dust masks, Masking tape.
RELEASE AGENT Wax-PVA-Wax-1 aerosol.
CLEANERS Acetone-Thinners
SEALANTS Polyurethane Varnish, Seam Sealer, Crystalseal, Gripfill,
MOULD MAKING Liquid Latex-Vinamold-Silicone Rubber RTV (pourable & butter-on)- Alginate-Plastilene-plaster.
CASTING MOULDS Moulds ready made for casting paperweights, jewellery etc
FILLERS Powders-Talc-Microdol H400-Magsil Diamond 200-Calcium Carbonate-Magnesitic Talc.
Glass Grains and Corundum grit (anti-slip surface) Glass Bubbles
ROLLERS & Cutting tools Rollers Paddle or simulated lambswool, Shears, scissors, Diamond cutting tools
MIXING & MEASURING CONTAINERS Mixing cups, buckets, dishes, mixing sticks, glass vials, poly-bottles. measuring cups & pipette.
ROOFING Pre-formed Roof trims, corner trims, flashing etc.
REPF foams Rigid Expanding Polyurethane foam (Moulds & buoyancy) liquid and sheets

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