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Pva.jpg (12794 bytes)Mould release agent

LIQUID PVA (from 500ml)

Liquid PVA solution suspended in meths, used to form a very thin continuous skin over the mould surface to enable easy separation of laminates and moulds, hardens in contact with air, can be applied by brush sponge or sprayed.
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Honey Wax mould release.
397g High grade release wax, used by the professional laminator
for multiple lifts.

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WAX-1 Mould release aerosol 500ml
Providing the very quick release system.
Provides easy, reliable release of a variety of casting resins including epoxy, polyester, polyurethane and silicones from a wide range of mould surfaces.
Wax-1 can also be used to effect various surface textures (stippled, of smooth shiny) on the finishes castings.

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