ABL (STEVENS) Resin & Glass

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Mix measuring pots
With easy read scales ideal for epoxy resin mixes, Top quality polypropylene transparent with graduated print scale and lid, designed for repeat industrial use.
Available in: 350ml, 700ml, 1400ml, 2300ml Brimming sizes.
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polyester resinMixing buckets (plastic)
Ideal for mixing resin, after use just flex cured resin from inside surface, leaving bucket ready for re-use.
Available in 3 sizes:- 1 litre - 2 litre - 5 litre. Price (click)
Mixing cups 150ml (polyprop)
For mixing and dispensing smaller amounts.
Available in 1 size:-
150ml.(minimum 10 pack) Price (click)
fibreglass resinMixing dish (steel tinplate)
For mixing relatively small amounts of resin.
Available in 3 sizes:-
500ml (brimming) 27mm x 160mm
320ml (brimming) 25mm x 137mm
190ml (brimming) 25mm x 100mm
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fibreglass resinMixing sticks (lolly)
Ideal for mixing small amounts of resin.
Available in 2 pack sizes:-
100 per pack
1000 per pack. Price (click)
body filler manufacturerPoly-bottles (low density polyethylene with screw cap)
Available in 4 sizes:-
125ml - 250ml - 500ml
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fibreglass repairDropper bottle 50ml +spout & cap
Measuring cups 30ml & 50ml graduated
Pipette (nose drop type) 0.5ml for small doses.
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