ABL (STEVENS) Resin & Glass

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Gfpic.jpg (15972 bytes)Chopped strand mat."CSM" (from 1 sq yrd)
Emulsion bound glassfibre mat, available in three weights 1oz-1½oz -2oz/sq ft, generally used for hand lay-up, number of layers dependable upon the strength and thickness req'd. Price (click)
abl stevensGlass tissue (from 1sq yrd)
1 oz/sq yard
Used as the initial layer to the gelcoat before the chopped strand mat laminations, also used as the finish layer to give a smoother surface to the inside of the laminate before application of the gel finishing coat. Price (click)
abl stevens resin and glassGlass tape (from 1 metre)
Glassfibre "yarn based" open weave tape, used mainly for joints in laminates and combined with chopped strand mat laminates. 25 metre rolls available in varying widths 1"-1½"-2"-3"-4". Price (click)
fibreglass resinGlass cloth (from 1sq yrd)
Woven "yarn based" glass cloth used as alternate laminate between chopped strand mat to achieve lighter finished laminates. Available in various weights and thickness.
Woven Roving 500g/sq yard
 Price (click)
garden pond materialsChopped Glass Strands (from 1 kg)

¼" long glass strands used to fill resin to give a very strong and robust finished compound. Price (click)

abl stevensPaper rope (wire core)
(from 1 metre)

Used as a former to add strength to laminates. Price (click)

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