ABL (STEVENS) Resin & Glass

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AQUALLUSION Clear epoxy resin

This is a genuine product for that elusive crystal clear water effect.
Formulated especially to be glass potable it provides the final quality touch to your finest floral silk displays. UV stabilisers are incorporated for maximum clarity life. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight wherever possible.

Remember that when this resin sets it is there permanently so choose carefully your arrangement vases and ensure they are completely degreased and dried for the resin to adhere, have available plenty of cotton cloths to tackle any spillages or drips and for good measure tape some newspaper over your whole working surface area. Use disposable gloves but if any skin contact with these liquids occurs wash away with warm water and detergent.

Before commencing ensure both liquid components are at working temperature of between 18-25ēC and workshop humidity does not exceed 70%. A sticky or greasy surface may otherwise result.
Mixing is critical and must be thorough and accurate. Measure the two components by volume on a 1 to 1 basis i.e. 100ml resin to 100ml hardener. If measuring by weight is preferred work on the basis of 100grams resin to 90 grams hardener pro rata.
Pour the hardener first then add the resin. Stir the liquids thoroughly until all traces of cloudiness and streaks have completely disappeared. Scraping the sides and base of mixing pot and transferring to a second container and stirring is best practice for consistently good results and minimum waste.

If any pebbles or other items are used ensure they are clean dry and dust free. Do not attempt to drop into the poured resin mix as splashes may occur spoiling the finished appearance. Move the submerged pebbles gently to dislodge large air bubbles then insert the silk flower stems as desired. If necessary they may need temporarily wiring together whilst the resin sets. Allow to stand for 24-48 hours undisturbed in a warm place (between 18 and 25ēC).

Do not allow your set vase displays to experience extremes of heat and cold for a very small risk of glass fracture may occur.

Do not mix in excess of 1 Litre at a time as excessive self generated heat (exotherm) may cause some discolouration.

General Information & Safety Data

Contact with eyes or skin may cause irritation. Avoid excessive breathing of fumes and ensure workplace is well ventilated.

Always wear protective gloves and glasses. These liquids are toxic to aquatic organisms and may cause adverse effects in the aquatic environment.

Store unused material away from children and pets.

In case of contact with eyes rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice.


 Physical & mechanical properties

Properties given for a temperature of 22ēC.
Resin:                             Clear liquid, viscosity of 1,000 mPas.
Hardener:                        Clear liquid, viscosity of 150 mPas.
Mixture:                          Clear liquid, viscosity of 300 to 450 mPas.
Mixing density:                1.1.
Hardness:                        70 Shore A (1+1 mix).
Elongation at break:         98% for the 1+1 mix.
Tensile strength:              18 MPa (1+1mix).
Flexural strength:             15 MPa (1+1 mix).
The optimal mechanical properties will be reached after 21 days at 20ēC or 15H at 60ēC.


PROBLEM                                                        CAUSE
Resin is crystalline and/or opaque.                      Storage at below 10ēC

Sit resin container in medium hot water or on a radiator and agitate contents frequently until it becomes clear again. It can now be used as per instructions.

Only when liquid does resin react to low storage temperatures in this way, when properly catalysed and fully cured the resin retains its clarity.
Uncured after 24 to 48 hours:      Wrong mixing ratio and/or low temperature.
The mixture gets hot:     High temperature and/or too much mixture was prepared.
Air bubbles entrapped:        Mixing was too fast and did not have time to release air.
Sticky, greasy surface:      Humidity level is too high.

Shelf life is one year in sealed containers as provided. Keep containers sealed and away from heat and cold.

This product is a modern formulation of the safest epoxy chemicals available. It is however advised to follow basic rules such as avoiding skin contact, wear masks when producing dust. Please read our standard health and safety sheet for more information. In case of eye contamination, wash with water and seek medical advice.