ABL (STEVENS) Resin & Glass

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garden pond materialsMicrodol H400 (from 1kilo)
Hard white dolomite powder.
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fibreglass repairMagsil Diamond 200 (from 1kilo)
Soft white talc
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Fillite Powder (from 1 kilo)
Quite a gritty type powder which produces lightweight castings.
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Glass Bubbles (from 1 Litre)
Used as a filler in resin to achieve a lightweight compound for fairing boats.
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Corundum Grit (from 1 kilo)resin suppliers
 Added to flowcoat final surface resin at a rate of
up to 1 kilo/ sq yard to produce a non-slip very hard wearing surface.
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Glass Grains (from 1 kilo)
Used for producing an effective non-slip surface on floors & steps etc.
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METAL POWDERS (from 500g)fibreglass laminating
For metallic effects, add metal powder at up to 3 parts to 1 part resin (by weight).
It is most economic to have only the outer surface of the cast object coated but be sure it is deep enough to allow burnishing and polish, see sample photo.
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polyester resin
fibreglass repair
polyester resin
casting resin
polyester resin

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